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What will happen if people faults are revealed to each other?

see good in others

Imam Javad (A.S) answering Abdolazim Hassani narrated from his ancestors and fathers, saying: If the faults of any of you were revealed to each one of you, you would not bury each other [1]. The saying of Imam Javad (A.S) has two great lessons. First; we should never become proud of some material or spiritual success and boast to others. We must always remember that apart from the infallibles and saints, other people may have deficiencies in their actions and moralities. The only being who is aware of this, is the Almighty and due to God’s kindness, these deficiencies are hidden in order to preserve one’s dignity in the society.

It is also necessary to realise that all success in life are God’s gifts to human being as we read in Dua Arafah: O’ my Master, You have hidden my sins, my father and mother’s sins so that I cannot be bothered and blamed by others because if they knew about my faults, they would have cut their relation with me. On the Day of Judgment Allah (SWT) will say to human being: I have preserved your dignity by covering your faults and not shamed you in front of others when you were living on the earth, how can I shame you today in front of others whilst you are standing in front me with tears in your eyes?

Note: [1] Montahul Amaal, Vol. 2, Page 522.

Source: shafaqna.com

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