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Chazzabeh defensive operation (February 6th, 1982)


Following the implementation of successful operation of Tariq-al-Qods and liberation of Bostan region by Iran, Iraqi forces with a tactical, logical and skillful withdrawal moved to Nisan brook, maintained the reserve forces and took the opportunity from Iran to continue further operation. However, losing Bostan, after 15 months of aggression against Iran, was very difficult for Iraqi forces to tolerate.

Therefore, a further mission for recapturing Bostan was assigned to Iraqi commanding headquarter in sheib region and Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi president, personally attended the area and led the conduction of the operation. In this way, one of the bloodiest and frightening battle scenes during the eight years of holy defense occurred for ten days from February 6th to February 16th, 1981 in the area. A very heavy battle started by Iraqi armor, mechanized, and infantry assault with relentless barrage of artillery shells round the clock terminated by resistance, devotion, sacrifice and courage of Iranian forces and Resulted in accessing only to Iranian forces first barricade and controlling an area of 800 meters deep around Nab'eh hills.

Martyr Major general Gholam Reza Mokhberi one of the Iranian Army brave officers who was in charge of commanding the battle in the area accompanied by tens of Chazzabeh combatants explained the defeat of Iraq bravely in the presence of late Imam Khomeini on March9th, 1981. Addressing Imam Khomeini, he said 'I condole the death of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra to Imam Zaman (PBUH).

Thanking him for receiving them he added: "I am representing Bostan and Chazzabeh combatants. I want to briefly say some issues to you (Imam) and devoted people of Iran. Iraqi puppet government, seventeen months ago, misusing our country’s internal affairs penetrated into our country by using his hollow soldiers and fighters is now declining and being destroyed miserably whose signs are clearly evident for months.

Abadan's siege failure and Bostan’s the great conquer, were good hints for Saddam and his supporters to prefer escaping to resisting. Saddam again made another mistake, after conquering Bostan in which many of these combatants and I had the honor to participate, could be a great lesson for Iraqi puppets, because   the Iraqi dead bodies laid on the ground in front of Iranian soldiers could be a very obvious evident of enemy’s decline.

"Saddam once more wanted to test his power" He launched Chazzabeh operation. Imam had got worried, due to Saddam's well preparedness he deserved to claim victory, based on existing circumstances Saddam was right to claim victory saying I myself captured Bostan, but all the people witnessed it. God almighty witnessed that   only one   combat   battalion with some of Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard Corps personnel at night on February 6th, 1981bravely blockaded the enemy's 12th commando battalion assault not to allow Saddam to achieve his dirty claim".

Addressing Imam, the general said. "As long as blood streams in our youth veins and we are faithful to God neither Saddam nor whoever casts his eyes over Iran territory would survive.”‌

Some parts of late Imam Khomeini’s speech made in the meeting are as follows. "You are right, as Imam Hussein, the master of martyrs was right, having few people he fought against Yazid and Baniomayeh. Although Imam and his children suffered martyrdom, they resuscitated Islam and defamed Yazid and Baniomayeh. You too in great battles like Abadan, Tang-e-Chazzabeh, and Bostan did miracles.

"It was miraculous since a small number of people having great faith worked miracles and Saddam who based his wrongdoing on some imagination has committed an error and he seems quite repentant. By practicing Islamic and faith power, you (brothers) have gained these victories especially having achieved latest victories in Tang-e- Chazzabeh you made them understand that they were wrong and their vicious wishes couldn’t come true".


Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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