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The rewards for making a believer happy


The following narrations have been selected from the book of “Thawabul Aamaal wa Eqabul Aamaal” by “Sheikh Sadooq”. Abu Hamzah narrated from Imam Sadiq (A.S): Whoever makes a believer happy, God will make that person happy on the Day of Judgment and he/she will be told: Request whatever you like because you liked to make happy the friends of Allah (SWT) and then God will grant more than it is requested, beyond any imagination.

It is narrated from Imam Sadiq (A.S): A person who resolves the problem of a believer, on the Day of Judgment, God will resolve his/her problems and will raise that person from the grave with happiness.

Sadeer Sairafi narrated a long narration (Hadith) from Imam Sadiq (A.S) who said: When a believer is raised from the grave, a companion will also will be raised with him/her and lead in front, whenever that believer faces a difficulty on the Day of Judgment, the companion will say: Do not worry, I give you the glad tidings from God. This will continue till that person attends before the Almighty where God will make it easy for him/her and orders that person be taken to paradise whilst the companion will be in front and the believer will say: Mercy of God be on you, you were a good companion and companied me all this way, now tell me who are you? The companion will reply: I am that happiness you brought for your brother in religion, God created me from that happiness to make you happy.

Source: shafaqna.com

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