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One of Imam Sajad’s (A.S.) Prayers

for God’s Help in Repaying Debts

(From Sahifah as Sajaddiah- These supplications were taught by the 4th Imam of his followers)

 O Lord! Bless Muhammad and his descendants.

Give me security from a debt which causes my countenance to fade on account of which my wits are confounded, by reason of which my mind is perplexed and owing to uniform continuance of which my toil is prolonged. I seek Thy Protection, O Lord! against the sadness of debt and its care, the anxiety of debt is sleeplessness. Therefore, bless Muhammad and his descendants. Protect me from it. Of Thee do I seek deliverance from its disgrace in this life and penalty after death. Therefore, bless

Muhammad and his descendants. Deliver me from it with an excellent prosperity or sufficiency.

O Lord! bless Muhammad and his descendants.

Restrain me from extravagance and excess. Correct me with generosity and economy. Teach me the secret of accurate valuation of money. Graciously restrict me from dissipation. Let my sustenance flow from honest sources.

Direct my expenditure in matters of righteousness.

Keep off from me the wealth that would create in me conceit or lead me to stubbornly resist authority or render me oppressive.

O Lord! make me love the company of the poor. Help me in associating with them with abundant patience. Whatever Thou has denied me of the goods of this mortal world, be pleased to store them up for me in Thy everlasting stores.

 imam sajad

Let what Thou hast conferred on me of its trash and hast bestowed upon me of its goods, be a means of helping me to reach Thy neighborhood, a step in Thy direction and a means of entrance to Thy Paradise.

Verily, Thou art the Possessor of Great Kindness and Thou are Generous and Bountiful.

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