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Quotable Quotations on Prayers

-- Imam Ali (AS)

, in his deathbed, placed a great emphasis on worshipping God, the Almighty saying, "Prayers, prayers, prayers."

--The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran says: "Man always needs to worship God especially when in danger."

-- A scholar of Qom Seminary

says: "One night I was invited to the house of Hajj Mustafa Khomeini [son of Imam Khomeini (R.A.)] who lived with his father. In the middle of the night someone moaning awakened me. I woke Hajj Mustafa up and asked him what the moaning could be. He listened for a moment and then said: `It is Imam Khomeini communing with his Lord.'"

--The Prophet (SAW)said: "On the night of Ascension I saw 70,000 cities like those of yours wherein angels had been worshipping God saying: `May God, the Almighty send His blessings unto those who attend the Friday prayers."

-- Prayers are the most comprehensive forms of worshipping.

--Imam Mahdi (AS) said to Zuhri twice: "Those who delay the performance of morning prayers until the setting of stars and of the evening prayers until the appearance of stars -- are out of Allah's blessings."

-- The Prophet (SAW)

said: "After their death, those who have not performed their prayers would beseech God to allow them to return to this world to make up for what they have neglected. (But) God, the Almighty will not do so because He knows well that they will not stand by their words."

--The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) says that there are secrets about paying Zakat (poor-rate) which also exist in prayers:

a) Zakat is a financial gift to the poor and in prayers one pray for the poor as well as the Muslim Ummah.

b) By paying Zakat, one's wealth becomes pure and by worshipping God, one's heart is cleansed of sins.

c) Zakat means thanking Allah and by the performance of prayers one thanks Him in his heart for his mental and physical health.

d) Zakat is the destroyer of financial meanness and prayer is the destroyer of one's arrogance.

e) Zakat protects one's wealth and worship protects one's deeds against evil-doings. Zakat is a stock for the poor and prayers are a stock for the pious.

f) He who pays Zakat wishes abundance in his wealth and he who worships wishes to be rewarded.

-- As long as one is praying, angels pray for him saying, "O Lord! Send your blessings unto him."

--Anas Ibn Malik said that the Prophet (SAW) never allowed his prayers to be delayed, even when he was traveling.

-- One dayAbdullah Ibn Masoudattended the congregation prayer led by the Holy Prophet (SAW), but he was late. He freed a slave to compensate for having lost the virtue of attending the congregation in time.

He asked the Prophet (SAW) if Allah had forgiven him.The Prophet (SAW)said that if he would spent all his wealth, he will never be given back the spiritual reward he had missed.

-- The Prayers of the followings are not accepted:

1- Those who are indifferent to others.

Imam Sadiq (AS) says: "The prayers of those who are indifferent to the destitute and the homeless will not be accepted."

2- Usurers

The Prophet (SAW) says: "The prayers of usurers are like building a house on sandy ground."

3- Irresponsible People

The Prophet (SAW) says: "The prayers of those women who benefit from their husbands' income, but do not show a sense of responsibility to do their duties - are not accepted by God."

4- Those who evade paying Zakat

The Qur'an places great emphasis on the observance of prayers as well as paying Zakat. God does not accept the prayers of those who do not pay Zakat.

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