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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), The Savior of Mankind

   The Glorious Qur'an, indicates very clearly and distinctly that the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW), was sent as a blessing to mankind and he was destined to be recognized as the leader of the entire humanity for all times to come. Prophet Muhammad (S) conveyed the message of Allah such that it served as a catalyst for change in all walks of life of humanity, and in fact deeply affected the socio-political and economic configuration of the world. The Prophet (SAW), by his personal and practical example established social justice, universal brotherhood and equality for all mankind. He was a great reformer and lawgiver.

   Allah in His infinite mercy sent a number of Prophets (PBUT) and reformers at different periods of time, to many nations, but among them Prophet Muhammad (SAW), served humanity at the highest and most perfect level among all the Prophets (PBUT). He enlightened all lands with the torch of truth and opened the gates of culture, progress, peace and harmony to the world.

   Muhammad (SAW), the Prophet of Prophets, was specially selected by Allah among the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) for preaching the Natural Religion, i.e., Islam, to all the new comers of the world. The blessing, which he brought with him, enlightened each and every corner of the earth. The bright path of truth and knowledge shone out to all the people who lay in the abyss of darkness, ignorant regarding the One, True God.

   Many learned Western scholars, poets, philosophers and historians while describing the humanistic attitude and egalitarian spirit of the Noble Prophet (SAW), praise him for showing utmost tenderness to the oppressed people and for praising the doctrine of equality practically, before mankind and thus created the foundation of propagating and spreading Islam, the world over. This gave a place of dignity, freedom, and respect to all sections of society.

   Such an example isn't visible in any other religion. The Prophet (SAW) was compassion in person, and mercy to all humanity. His generous kindness for people, humanity for companions, sweetness for children and his enemies has no equal example in history.

   It is a universal truth that this world will never produce such a benefactor of humanity again. He is the only leader of mankind who succeeded in both the religious as well as the worldly fields of life.

   Truly speaking, all mankind should be proud of Prophet Muhammad of Islam (SAW), as he gave them a law of supreme accomplishment which guarantees success and happiness to the whole world through the religion of Islam, based on the virtues of tolerance, equality and justice. The excellent example which our Noble Prophet (SAW) showed during his life for purifying and strengthening society, warrants him the right title of "THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND'.

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