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Popular Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah here on Monday praised the brave resistance of the Lebanese nation in facing the Zionist army, commemorated the martyrs'  braveries, and called Lebanon's victory of great strategic and historic value.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said, "We emerged victorious from this encounter, while our enemy left the scene defeated."
Nasrallah's message, that was recorded soon after the
enforcement of the Monday UN truce, was broadcasted from Hezbollah's Al-Minar TV on Monday night.

He added, "The Zionist enemy inflicted heaviest possible losses against the Lebanese nation, and this proves the depth of their wrath against our people."
Nasrallah said, "Such extent of devastation is truly unprecedented in all previous wars of Israel against Lebanon."
He added, "The enemy destroyed 15,000 residential houses in southern Lebanon, the Boca Valley region, and Beirut, and that was in fact the Zionists' way of punishing the Lebanese nation for their resistance against that regime's army."
Nasrallah added, "Those people whose houses are destroyed, but still can reside in them would receive emergency financial assistance as of tomorrow to return to their houses."
He requested the Lebanese people, particularly the engineers, architects, merchants, businessmen, and capitalists, to donate their contributions for reconstruction of the people's houses voluntarily.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah referred to the fact that the process of victory would be complete only after the completion of the reconstruction movement.

He meanwhile criticized the Lebanese politicians for having discussed about disarmament at the peak of the Israeli attacks, behind closed doors.

Nasrallah emphasized, "Both from the ethical, and from the psychological points of the view, the right time for putting that issue to debate is today, free from the hue and cry of the media.

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