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  • 8/15/2006

ollah taught Israel an unforgettable lesson: Lebanese MP

Lebanese parliamentarian Michel Hana Musa said on Saturday that the outcome of the Israeli-Hezbollah war was a victory for the Islamic resistance movement and a failure for the Zionist regime.

“Israel used to defeat the Arab countries, but today Hezbollah managed to stand against the Zionists’ war machine and teach Israel an unforgettable lesson,” the Christian legislator told the Mehr News Agency.

Although the Arab League succeeded somehow to balance the UN Security Council resolution on the crisis, the international body did not address all the issues properly, he noted.

The lack of a call for an immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon and the fate of the Shebaa Farms area are questionable, he added.

 “Through the resolution, the international community tried to give Israel what it could not gain through war,” Musa said.

The performance of the Security Council was really disappointing in the view of the fact that it adopted a resolution after “a month of military operations, destruction, and massacre of innocent people” by Israel, the catholic lawmaker stated.

On the disarmament of Hezbollah, he said it is an internal issue and the Lebanese political groups should study the issue in a calm atmosphere.

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