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Imam Ali (a.s) in the eyes of his enemies

Three Bright Points in Ali's Life

Here we mention three virtues of the Conquerer of Khayber:

   One day Mu’awiyah criticized Sa’d Waqqas for not cursing Ali. He said in reply: ‘Whenever I am reminded of three virtues of Ali, I earnestly desire that I might have possessed at least one of them:

1. On the day when the Prophet appointed him as his representative in Madina and himself departed for the Battle of Tabuk, he said to Ali: You enjoy the same relationship with me which Harun enjoyed with Musa except that no prophet will come after me.

 2. On the Day of Khayber the Prophet said: Tomorrow I will give the standard to a person who is loved by Allah and the Prophet. All the great officers and commanders of Islam were anxious to acquire this honour. On the following day, however, the Prophet called Ali and gave him the standard and Allah granted us a great victory which was solely due to the selfsacrifice of Ali.

 3. When it was decided that the Prophet should engage in Mubahilah (cursing) with the leaders of Najran, he held the hands of Ali, Fatimah, Hassan, and Hussiyn, and said:

‘O Allah! These are the members of my family.’(1)

1. Sahih Muslim, vol. VII, page 120.

The Message (the holy Prophet of Allah); Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

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