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University of Khartoum

Historical Background

Established in 1902 as a high school under the name of Gordon Memorial College, it included Schools of Arts, Science, Medicine, Law, Agriculture and Veterinary Science (all offering Diplomas).


The College was affiliated to the University of London offering B.As and B.Scs.


At independence the College became fully independent University under the name of THE UNIVERSITY OF KHARTOUM adding more faculties and specializations as well as increasing in the number of enrollment.

Up to date information:

The University has 16800 undergraduate students in 23 different faculties, schools and graduate research institutes (annual intake of about 3500 students with about 55% girls) six thousand (6000) graduate students (graduate diploma, M.Sc. and PH.D in all specializations).

850 teaching staff (faculty) and 20 research fellows.

500 teaching assistants.

The University of Khartoum has four campuses which include the following:

1. Central Campus:

The Central Campus is located in the centre of Khartoum and includes the following:

(i) The administration:

The Vice Chancellor's (President) office, the Deputy Vice Chancellor's office, the Principal and Finance, the Academic Affairs, the Students Affairs and the Central and Sudan Library.

(ii) Faculties:

(a) Engineering: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical Agricultural, Survey, Architecture, and Mining and Petroleum Departments

(b) Science: (including Geology).

(c) Mathematical Science: (including Computer Sciences).

(d) Arts.

(e) Economics and social Studies (including the Centre for Developmental Studies).

(f) Law.

(g) Business Administration.

(h) Postgraduate Studies.

(iii) Institutes:

(a) The Institute of African and Asian Studies.

(b) The Institute of Environmental Studies.

(c) The Institute of Building and Road Research.

(d) The Institute of Extra-mural Studies and Community Services.

(e) The Computer Centre.

(f) The Staff (Faculty) Club.

(g) The Student Union.

2. The Medical Campus:

The Medical Campus is located south of Khartoum Centre and includes the following faculties and Institute:

(a) Medicine : (including Education Development Centre for Medical Profession).

(b) Pharmacy.

(c) Dental Medicine.

(d) Public and Environmental Health.

(e) The Institute of Endemic Diseases.

3. The Agriculture and Veterinary Campus:

This campus is located at Shambat, Khartoum North. The campus is about 10 Km from the central campus. The campus includes the following faculties.

(a) Agriculture (including Centre for Desert Studies).

(b) Veterinary Science (including Camel Research Centre).

(c) Animal Production.

(d) Forestry.

4. The Education Campus:

The campus is located in Omdurman and is about 15 Km from the central campus. It includes the following faculties:

(a) Education.

(b) Teacher Training College.

(c) Academic Staff Development Centre.

In addition, the University has other academic and social services which include :

(a) Medical Teaching Hospital at Soba, 15 Km South of Khartoum.

(b) Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Shambat.

(c) University Farm at Shambat.

(d) Printing and Publication House.

New Developments:

1 - Establishment of Institute of Peace Studies.

2 - Establishment of Investment and Development Administration.

3 - Establishment of University Alumni Club with Administrative Staff.

4 - Many new departments in different faculties.

1 - Vice-Chancellor:

Prof. Al-Zubair Bashir Taha.

2 - Deputy Vice-Chancellor:

Prof. Abdel Malik Abdel Rahman

3 - Principal:

Prof. Bashir Al-Chiekh Al-Hassan.

4 - Academic Secretary:

Dr. Abu Bakr Ali Abu Jukh.

5 - Infor. Administration Director:

Ustaz Abdel Malik Elneim Ahmed.

6 - Student Affairs Dean:

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Salam.

7 - Post Graduate College Dean:

Prof. Siddig Ahmed Ismail.

8 - Faculty of Medicine:

Prof. Addaw Mukhtar.

9 - Institute of Endemic Diseases:

Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hassan.

Address and Telephones:

* University of Khartoum :

P.O. Box 321, Khartoum

Postal Code : 11115

Tel. : 772601 - Vice-Chancellor.

772563 - Information Administration.

771290 - Principal Office.

779526 - Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

779293 - Academic Secretary.

780558 - Publication House.

777187 - Post Graduate College.

770022 - Main Library.

781768 - Admission Office.

780721 - Student-Affairs Dean.

770578 - Investment Administration.

779607 - Arabiciation Administration

452246 - Soba Hospital


Fax: 780295 - Vice-Chancellor.

775469 - Principal Office.

775103- Post Graduate College.

Telex: 22113 SD GAMA


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