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Cinema and Zionism

 What is the real relationship between the cinema industry and Zionism? This is the question many researchers and experts have been trying to answer during the past century. They have, however, not been able to find a suitable answer to the problem.

 Whatever the answer might be no one can disagree with the undeniable influence of international Zionism and its policies over the industry.

 In many ways art has been used to fulfill the benefits and interests of Zionists. Such claims aren’t being raised out of a prejudiced outlook, but based on researches and studies conducted since the cinema industry came into the fore at the end of the second millennium.

Today, the most influential and prominent personalities at Hollywood are Jewish, in fact, for the mere reason of being a Jew, they have been privileged with more opportunities - than others - to gain outstanding progress in their careers. Since Zionism is a sect with ideas somewhat different from the religion, which Prophet Moses (AS) preached, Judaism. The differences between the two must be distinguished and not considered to be the same. But, reality is that since its formation, Zionism has tried to wear the mask of Judaism, and that is why it has chosen most of the members of its secret club from amongst Jews. These are Jews - or better to say Zionists - who have always been ahead of others in all social, economic and cultural positions in the West.

As one of the manifestations of art and technology, Hollywood is not excluded from this rule, and does not even try to deny this claim. Considering Hollywood’s complicated administrative system, there exists a set of unwritten rules, one being that Jews should be the first choice for receiving top artistic, professional and media-related jobs. This rule holds that Jews are always the first priority and if they have tendencies towards Zionism, they would have a better chance of climbing to the top.

On the other hand, if a Jew remains only a Jew and does not support policies and strategies dictated by Zionists, he/she would be deprived of the right to achieve glory in Hollywood.

The Mafia-structured Hollywood is no place for a Jew who has no Zionist tendencies, and this very ideology led to one of the most famous and talented artists of the history of cinema - Charles Chaplin - to be put aside from the scene and be forced to live in isolation during the last years of his life.

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in a poor Jewish family. During the early years when the cinema industry was flourishing in the United States, Chaplin gained fame and wealth by proving his creativity and talents. As a Jewish artist he first used to play the role of an honest and homeless Jew; this was exactly what Hollywood policy-makers wanted him to do. Eventually, Chaplin was turned into one of Hollywood’s most popular artists and this gave him the opportunity to produce his own movies. He felt the time had come for him to break free from rules established by Hollywood Mafia mongers and reflect the reality. Instead of playing the role of a symbolic poor and oppressed Jew, Chaplin began to act in movies in which he would resemble, for example, a bon vivant wealthy man or a tyrant dictator. In this way Chaplin mocked the West’s values. This was exactly what the Zionist lobby couldn’t stand and hence they put all their efforts to present a negative picture of Chaplin to the world. They accused Chaplin of communism and banned him from starring or making any more movies. This was how the career of one of the most outstanding artists of the history of movies - came to an end for the rest of his life, just because he had refused to bow down to Zionist’s demands. Chaplin was forced to leave the United States and banned from returning to the country.

Chaplin’s story isn’t something unique in the American film industry. However, there are many who have gained fame and money overnight because of being a Jew or only dedicated to the Zionists’ ideals.

   Recently internet gave a long list of Jewish Hollywood stars.  Is Hollywood a Jewish?

The compiler of the 28-page record says that the names aren’t yet complete. It consists of 1500 names including the most well-known Jewish producers, directors, actors and actresses, scenario writers, musicians, etc.

 The Zionist lobby in Hollywood has attained great achievements in the area of children’s motion pictures. No one can claim to not having heard the name Walt Disney. It is worth mentioning that the first famous Walt Disney character was Mickey Mouse, symbolizing the same oppressed Jew who is constantly threatened by stronger rivals but emerges successful out of all troubles by relying on his talent and sharpness. The same applies to Tom and Jerry. It happens that these cartoon characters are isolated and teased by others for being ugly and weak. But, at the end they win over their powerful competitors and even incite their jealousy.

 The Ugly Duckling and Dumbo, the Flying Elephant are also among such works. Dumbo’s mother who wears a hat resembling that of a Jew is imprisoned for defending her child! In another scene Dumbo raises a flag in a circus somewhat similar to that of the Zionist regime.

 Some of the stories are meant to convey to their audience a specific political message. For example, the Lion King was made after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union and after the long years of conflict between the world’s two super-powers.

 The same company has also produced a number of animated motion pictures telling the lives of great Prophets such as Noah (AS), Moses (AS) and Joseph (AS), all of which are based on distorted stories.

In addition to animation works, Zionists have even penetrated into children’s movies at Hollywood and repeatedly, through recent decades have produced special stereotypes for children’s movies. Most children’s movies present a child who has been taken away from his/her parents or home. The stereotype of a child deprived of his home and inheritance shows a deprived Jew left from its homeland.

Besides the Zionist political contents of the American cinema, this question remains: How could the very few number of Jews residing in America and Europe justify their large population at Hollywood? How are the Jewish artists eligible to acquire the key jobs of the cinema at Hollywood?

 All this makes one wonder: Is Hollywood truly Jewish?

Spread of Corruption and Violence

Some 80 years ago, Industrialist, Henry Ford, warned Americans about the spread of moral and financial corruption in that country. He also cautioned the Americans that a systematic and well-planned current was trying to expand the idea of moral liberalism inside the United States community. President Ford’s goal was to prevent the Jews from forming a cultural and economic empire in his homeland. He had well realized that Jews haven’t only targeted American economy and politics, but they were also seeking to infiltrate into the country’s culture in the fields of cinema and mass media. He knew that the American cinema was in the hands of the Jews, and considered it the most effective propagation means for them. He believed that they tried to distract the moral values of the then American society.

In one of his most famous books, My Life and My Career, President Ford says: “There are certain known influential figures in this country that are after the spread of corruption in American’s social life. People are more and more distancing themselves from moral values. We aren’t trying to under-estimate the American Jews. What we oppose is a certain current which is awakening the American people’s religious beliefs...”

 Unfortunately we see today that most of President Ford’s predictions have come true. Israelis have forcibly occupied the Palestinian lands. They practically have an undeniable influence over the United States apparatus. In fact, the US is acting like a power arm for Zionism. The American’s morality has declined to an extent that social and religious thinkers are absolutely disappointed in the future of this society. Jazz and rock bands which had been introduced to the Western world some four decades ago, through a few Jewish stars such as Elvis Presely and Ringo Star, have come to such fame that nowadays the young Americans consider Michael Jackson more esteemed than the whole church saints. In the1960s the Beetles claimed that they were more famous than God, and today the Satan-worshipping bands have come to fight with God. The maniacal love for this kind of music among the American teenagers can be viewed in Detroit, the Rock Music City. It seems that no one can do anything in this regard, even parents.

 You can simply compare Hollywood’s productions a few decades ago with those of today and you can witness the collapse of moral values. The Zionists ruling Hollywood doesn't respect anything and ridicule the most sacred values of the society, even in the realm of religion.

 Once money is considered as the first western value of a human being, Hollywood undermines everything else in comparison to it. At Hollywood, a valuable film must be money-making and for this, the film should stress on the weak points of the viewers and should demonstrate the lowliest characteristics of the western man. Hollywood has a thirst for money, and this also is being transferred to the viewers.

The 8th Protocol of Zionism reads: "Our dominion is filled with economists. That is why, economy is the most important issue taught by the Jews: a galaxy of bankers, industrialists, company owners, capitalists and particularly, millionaires. Because in actual fact, everything is determined by figures".

 By reviewing these few lines one can understand why cinema has played an important role in determining the consumption models and economic norms.

 Violence is another phenomenon, which is frequently seen in Hollywood movies. Violence has even found its way into children’s movies and Zionists don’t seem to even have any mercy on our children.

Many of the violent movies have political backgrounds and follow a particular intention. For example, in the film named Air Force 1, a Jewish actor plays the role of American President. A terrorist group hijacks the plane and captures the passengers including the President’s family. The President although he has the chance to escape, remains to defeat the terrorists. The film ends in the viewer praising the American President as the modern world leader!

In another film, a group of Muslim terrorists hijack an American airliner and continue their journey to America with an atomic bomb installed in the airplane in order to destroy the American government. Their behavior with the passengers is extremely violent and aggressive. They don’t even have mercy on themselves and respond with bullets to any disagreement. The philanthropic American politicians, who cannot destroy the airliner with its passengers, dispatch a special commando envoy - with two famous Jewish actors performing into the aircraft. They kill the Muslim hijackers in a sudden operation and neutralize the bomb, landing the plane safely. What remains in the mind of the viewer is the bravery and humane anti-terrorist act of the Americans.

 Today, traces of sex, violence and greed for money can all be found in family and even children’s programs. It appears that Hollywood studios have no concern for morality and is attempting to globalize immoral values.

 And finally, international Zionism by exploiting the three human powers of lust, violence and imagination is attempting to promote immoral corruption, negligence, and greed for money and violence to achieve its political goals.

 And now in the 21st century, the game is reaching its final stages. By conducting a review on Zionist’s Protocols, issued nearly one century ago, we can easily come to the conclusion that many of the present shortcomings and troubles people are facing are the results of plans drawn by the Zionist theoreticians.

 However, people are becoming vigil and more eager to take their destiny into their own hands and shape their future.

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