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Islamic Resistance

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

"Think not of those who are slain in the way of God as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord" Koran 3:169))

"If they want an open war we will give them an open war and beyond"

Clashes continue to violently rage between the combatants of the Islamic Resistance and the Israeli enemy forces at Maroun El-Rass - Aytaroun - Bint Jubeil triangle. The resistance combatants inflicted the occupation with heavy losses both in equipment and personnel, the latest of which is the admission of the enemy army to 13 of their soldiers killed and 12 more wounded from Golani Brigade, which are their elite troops.

No one can predict when the reversal will come, when all the experts will begin competing for first place in revealing the failures of the war: mistaken strategy, political dilettantism and shooting from the hip; the weakness disguised as courageous determination; the illusions, arrogance and boasting; the addiction to an impulse of revenge; the cruelty and the lack of moral inhibitions.

But the manipulators and the self-declared heroes should not delude themselves, nor should the naive, or those who are drunk with patriotism or those who consider themselves experts: the moment will arrive more quickly than they imagine and within a short while everyone will be hiding behind the pose of "we told you so" when they know which way the wind is blowing.

That is when all the declarations, the assessments and the excuses - that could be uttered and written only in an atmosphere of lack of critical skepticism that prevails when a "state of war" is declared - will be revealed.

It is only in an atmosphere of this kind that serious people can justify the destruction of a country on the grounds that they "are helping its government in this way" to gain the upper hand over Hezbollah - a kind of variation on the theme of "the raped woman actually enjoyed herself." It is only in an atmosphere of this kind that a well-bred person can be glad that the lack of American pressure to stop the bombings makes it possible to continue the killing and destruction.

Only reliance on patriotic emotions, which cloud any rational thinking, makes it possible to state without shame - after many days of multi-casualty pounding and the inexplicable destruction of an airport, highway interchanges, power stations and entire neighborhoods - that actually this activity was in vain, since it was known in advance that the bombs could not achieve their objectives and that a massive ground invasion was unavoidable.

Israeli forces kill any witnesses and destroy any documents:

BEIRUT - An Israeli air raid on Lebanon killed as many as four UN observers, overshadowing an international crisis meeting to open in Rome and sparking the wrath of UN chief Kofi Annan, as Hezbollah vowed to rocket the heart of "Israel".
"I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Army of a UN observer post in southern Lebanon that has killed two UN military observers, with two more feared dead," Annan said Tuesday in a statement released in Rome.
French ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sabliere, president of the UN Security Council for July, said: "We condemn this bombing on a UNIFIL position." The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) post is in the hilltop town of Khiam, once the site of an infamous Israeli jail but now a Hezbollah stronghold.
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah vowed rockets would attack the heart of "Israel", during a new television appearance early Wednesday after "Israel" failed to kill him in repeated bombing raids.
"We are entering a new phase in the confrontation, the phase of (striking) beyond Haifa," Nasrallah told his group Al-Manar television.
"Israel" has repeatedly said it believes Hezbollah has longer-range rockets capable of reaching beyond "Israeli" third city, as far as the commercial capital Tel Aviv, or even the southern city of Beersheva.
Warplanes also bombed southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital, as "Israel" effectively ruled out any chance of a rapid ceasefire to end the two-week-old Lebanon conflict.

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