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Why does the Noble Quran use words that have multiple meanings?

Some might ask:  Why should we accept the scientific meaning of the Word in the Noble Quran that fits our discoveries today, and not accept any of its other meanings, especially that the Word was revealed 1,500 years ago?

:The use of scientific notions in the Noble Quran

It is important to know that the Noble Quran doesn't give scientific equations and statements, but rather scientific notions.  The Prophet, peace be upon him, was already accused of being crazy by the infidels.  Have Allah Almighty given sophisticated scientific statements that covered exact details as we scientifically know them today, then no one would've believed the Prophet of Islam, because:

1-He wasn't a scientist and such science wasn't known to man back then, which makes it impossible for him to explain it, even if Allah Almighty Inspired it to him.  The information would not have been understood by the nomad bedouins 1,500 years ago.

 2-People had already inclined toward declaring the Prophet as an insane man, and many already did.  Any extraordinary supernatural statement that requires a lot of scientific explanations such as "we have people standing on the other side of the world (under our feet), and all humans are actually standing on the side of the earth not on its top or back."

Such statement would require knowledge in gravity and astronomy, which man did not know about 1,500 years go.

Like I said, many have accused the Prophet of being a madman.  Allah Almighty did not want to complicate Islam, especially to the people who did not know much about science:

"Say (to them O Muhammad SAW): "I exhort you on one (thing) only: that you stand up for Allahs sake in pairs and singly, and reflect (within yourselves the life history of the Prophet SAW): there is no madness in your companion (Muhammad SAW), he is only a warner to you in face of a severe torment."  (The Noble Quran, 34:46)"

"And (O people) your companion (Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) is not a madman; (The Noble Quran, 81:22)"

That is why Allah Almighty used scientific notions instead of statements and equations.  They are for man to discover as he advances in life.  The more man advances, the more he will find that many of his discoveries are mentioned in the Noble Quran.  That is why the Noble Quran's Miracles are for all times and all places!

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The complex language of Arabic:2-

Arabic is a very complex, artistic and poetical language by nature!  A single word can mean a host of meanings.  The art and beauty of Arabic comes in how a person constructs and puts together words to form a sentence or paragraph.  The art and creativity in the style and poetry are what determine the strength and beauty of the sentence or poem.  That is why the Noble Quran is extremely difficult to understand sometimes, even by the fluent and professional Arabic speakers.  That is why Muslims always say that the translations of the Noble Quran do it absolutely no justice, because the poetry and complexity of language-art are completely compromised in the translation.  What the English reader, for instance, is left with when reading the English Noble Quran, is the subject that the Noble Verses are talking about.  But he/she doesn't see the beautiful and complex stylistic and linguistic Divine Miracle that the Arabic text carries in it.

At any rate, Allah Almighty Chose for the Noble Quran to be Difficult to comprehend, and to be quite a challenge to interpret and translate, because:

 1-He chose to have the Miracle of the Noble Quran be an ever lasting one by living in the text of the Holy Book Itself.

 2-To demonstrate Its Divinity to the Arabs back then, who were very experienced/mature, fluent and also addicted to poetry, along with the Arabic-speaking people today, and to challenge them and to show them that certainly the Noble Quran is not just an average everyday book.  It is indeed a Divine Miracle, proving that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is indeed a Truthful and real Prophet.

 3-This is Allah Almighty's way to Lead to the Right Path whom He pleases and to Lead astray whom He pleases.

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