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Villanova University established the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies in 1983 in recognition of the critical importance of the Middle East. Arab and Islamic civilization has had a profound impact on the arts and sciences for centuries.

Today, international politics and economics are deeply affected by the dynamics in the Arab and Islamic world. Government officials, members of Congress, corporations, banks, the media and researchers stress the need for professionals who have the specialized knowledge essential for comprehending the geostrategic, socioeconomic, religious and intellectual dimensions of the region.

The Center's interdisciplinary program serves undergraduates who wish to emphasize Arab and Islamic studies in conjunction with a regular major. The course of studies enables students to add an Arab and Islamic dimension to their understanding of international issues and world cultures. The program also prepares students for work in government or business related to the region and for advanced graduate studies on the Arab world and Islam.

The Center organizes lectures, film series, conferences and outreach programs for the University and the Greater Philadelphia communities. The Center also hosts academic seminars by scholarly associations, including the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies. "The Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies," published at the University, features articles by highly regarded analysts and scholars on issues pertinent to modern Islamic societies and states.

Contact Information:

The Center for Arab and Islamic Studies

Villanova University

800Lancaster Avenue

Villanova, PA 19085

Saint Augustine Center Room 486

Phone: (610) 519-4610

Fax: (610) 519-6069


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