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Arabic Through The Quran (Alan Jones)


Author:Alan Jones
Publisher:Islamic Texts Society (2005)

Description from the publisher:

Written by Professor Alan Jones, professor of Arabic at Oxford University, this work aims at teaching Arabic using only the vocabulary in the Qur’an. In forty lessons and starting with the alphabet, Arabic through the Qur’an covers the whole of Arabic grammar. Each lesson is followed by exercises and a key to the exercises is available at the end of the book. Arabic through the Qur’an gives the student a thorough understanding of Arabic grammar and a substantial vocabulary from the Qur’an including many of the often repeated verses. Arabic through the Qur’an is an indispensable aid both to those wanting to learn Arabic in order to be able to read the Qur’an and to Arabic students at university level.

Prof Alan Jones has taught Arabic for many years at Oxford and is well-known both for his knowledge of the Arabic language and for his work on the Qur’an.

In the introductory note you read:

Over the years it has been suggested to me that there is a need for Arabic grammar that will enable readers of English to read the Quran in its original language. This book attempts to fill that gap.

In its 40 lessons the book covers all the important points of the grammar of Quranic Arabic_ though not every point, as there are some problems of Quranic grammar that the grammarians, Arab and non-Arab alike, have never solved. Like grammarians in the past, I have occasionally taken a sentence somewhat out of context or changed a case-ending so that a phrase can stand alone. Without these minor and traditional pedagogic liberties, example of some grammatical points would be very scarce. This is hardly surprising, given the relatively small size of the text of the Quran.

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