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Islamic Study Center in Australia


Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies (The Middle East &Central Asia)

The Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies (Middle East & Central Asia) forms part of the ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences at The Australian National University and is Australia’s premier location for studies in this field, with a high international standing and links with its major counterparts in the Arab & Muslim world, as well as in North America and Europe.

The Centre integrates the study of Middle Eastern and Central Asian contemporary politics, history, culture, political economy, economics, and the religion of Islam within the broader framework of the changing global order. The Centre fosters the study of the region’s most relevant languages of Arabic, Persian and Turkish. It also focuses on issues pertinent to Australia's interests in, and the development of its commercial, scientific and industrial ties with, its areas of coverage.

CAIS is a multi-disciplinary teaching and research Centre, with cognitive links with the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific, as well as professional association with its other Colleges. Its activities are guided by a fifteen-member Advisory Board and a group of international advisers, made up of prominent scholars in Arab, Islam, Middle Eastern and Central Asian studies.

CAIS draws on the support of a rich academic community at the ANU to bolster its coverage and activities. Throughout the year students are encouraged to attend special lectures and events by the leaders in the academic, political, and business communities.

The CAIS is situated in a new and contemporary styled building which reflects the architecture of the region. Here, students have access to the leading academics in the field, a specialized library, and an audio-visually enhanced lecture theatre.

The primary objectives of CAIS are fourfold:

To promote Arab, Islamic, Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, in both the undergraduate and postgraduate domains, at a national level,

to coordinate research by Australian and international academics and specialists,

to provide a pool of expertise for public and private sectors, and

to strengthen Australia’s ties with the Middle Eastern and Central Asian domains.


The Centre offers graduate programs, undergraduate courses and postgraduate supervision (PhD and MPhil) on a wide range of topics, including Middle Eastern and Central Asian politics, history, political economy, Persian, Turkish and Arabic languages, literature and culture, and Islamic studies.

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