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Sunway University College


Sunway University College (formerly Sunway College) was formed with the belief and understanding that higher education is vital to the progress of the Nation. The institution received an auspicious start in 1987 when it was officially opened by the late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah Alhaj Sultan of Selangor Darul Ehsan. Within a short span of time, its student numbers outgrew the original premises, eventually leading to the opening of the new, purpose-built campus.

The ground breaking ceremony was held on March 9, 1991 and in December 1992, the institution moved to this new campus, complete with a comprehensive range of modern academic and residential facilities. By January 1993, all academic sessions were conducted here. The grandest moment in the history of Sunway University College came on April 29, 1993 when the new campus was officially opened by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, then the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia. It represents a major investment by the Sunway Group towards education.

That moment declared the aspirations of Sunway University College to become a world-class institution and the leader in private education in Malaysia and the ASEAN region, in line with the Prime Minister's vision that Malaysia should become a centre for academic excellence.

With the infrastructure and excellent resources, Sunway University College is suitably poised to meet the future demand for tertiary education, and cope with the challenges and goals of Malaysia's Vision 2020.

Sunway University College has attained enviable success in producing students of outstanding calibre, many of whom have achieved prestigious awards. It is, thus, no wonder that Sunway University College has received the praise and accolades of VIP visitors, including Malaysian and foreign dignitaries and representatives from overseas institutions and twinning partners. Among them have been numerous distinguished professors of international repute who have given guest lectures while on their visits.

Sunway University College has built a fine reputation and proud tradition of excellence and leadership. Yet never to rest on its laurels, the institution continues in its progress towards excellence. The institution's Founder and Chairman of the Sunway Group, YBhg Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah has placed Sunway University College into a Trust in 1997, under the eminent chairmanship of YABhg Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin. This auspicious occasion was witnessed by YB Dato' Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, the then Minister of Education. Such is the commitment of Sunway University College, Malaysia's Premier Private University College.


School of business and Management

Welcome to the School of Business and Management. This is the place where business management is viewed in a different perspective. Currently, we offer two programs - the Diploma in Business Administration and the Bachelor of Business Management. Our diploma and degree programs provide the students with a broad-based knowledge and cutting-edge skills for managing business in a fast-changing globalized world.

The Bachelor of Business Management degree program, launched recently in January 2006, is designed to provide a wholesome business education by adopting a holistic and comprehensive approach to the study of business management. Liberal arts and science courses are incorporated into the program besides a wide range of business courses specially structured to provide students with regional and global perspectives of business management, enhance their leadership qualities and communication skills, and imbibe them with intellectual capacities, business and management acumen, and good values, ethics and governance. In this way, the students are well prepared to manage business within and across borders.

Commenting on the program, Professor John. J. Gabarro, UPS Foundation Professor of Human Resource Management In Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School, wrote the following:

"You have put together an outstanding start to a bachelor’s program in business administration. It looks very promising and exciting."

The Diploma in Business Administration was launched in January 2005. It provides a pathway for students to progress directly to the second year of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme which will be launched in March 2007.

School of Computer Technology

Computer Technology is the science and skills dealing with all aspects of computing, data storage and communications. It is radically changing the world by making possible new ways of doing business, entertaining and creative arts.

The Sunway University College School of Computer Technology (SCT) has progressed remarkably over the past eight years towards aspiring great caliber among students, graduates and staff. Among its outstanding achievements is the collaboration with various industry partners for each degree course which provides students with industry attachment experience. The list of internationally recognized and reputable university partners includes University of Portsmouth from the UK, Victoria University from Australia, Napier University from the UK, Herriot Watt from the UK and University of South Australia from Australia.

Backed by industry and academic partnerships, SCT is dedicated to ensuring that its students complete their studies with distinction. Various courses for Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Masters are all built with contemporary syllabi which meet the needs of the industry.

SCT has also given opportunities to students and staff to be involved in real life project through its Research & Development unit. Certification courses in Java, Multimedia, Accounting, Linux, Oracle, MCSE, Programming, Web Designing and many more are in place for professionals and students.

Fresh graduates from SCT have been employed by such companies as IBM, DELL, Hewlett Packard, Venovox Studio, Affliated Computer Services Inc., Frontline Technology Malaysia, Finexasia, OSK Holdings Sdn Bhd, Gulf Employment Company and MAGO TECH Sdn Bhd.

School of creative Arts and Communication

Department of Performance + Media

The School of Creative Arts & Communication Department of Performance+Media at Sunway University College offers a seven-semester course leading to a Diploma in Performing Arts. Talented young men and women will receive training in the specializations of acting, directing, writing-for-performance.

After four semesters, they will have the opportunity to transfer overseas for a degree or they can remain at Sunway University College for their final two semesters and receive our Diploma in Performing Arts. This is a professional qualification that will enable them to pursue careers in the television, film, media, and theatre industries.

Asia is the world's fastest growing market for entertainment and culture. There is already a huge demand for skilled, professional content providers who can work to international standards. Exciting, rewarding careers are opening up in film, television, theatre and other industries that require creative, dynamic practitioners with the imagination, training and discipline to succeed.

Programs offered by the School of Creative Arts & Communication Department of Performance+Media are:

Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting specialization)

Diploma in Performing Arts (Directing specialization)

Diploma in Performing Arts (Writing For Performance specialization)

School of Health and Natural Sciences

Department of Psychology

Students and staff alike are encouraged to learn, share and explore the various areas of psychology in an enjoyable manner. Studying psychology at Sunway University College is also about having fun and leading a balanced lifestyle.

It is the on-going wish of the Department of Psychology to demonstrate to the community how an in-depth understanding of human behaviour can assist with bettering the lives of others within our community.

I hope your visit to our departmental web-page is both informative and enjoyable.

School of Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Management

The service industry is one of the world biggest and fastest creators of employment. This sector relies heavily on human resources for its success. Therefore, it depends inextricably on the quality of training and education of the people who deliver its services.

The Sunway University College School of Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Management (SHTLM) offer a broad-based and experiential learning environment which covers the technical hands-on skills, business skills and personal development skills. Students also learn to contribute to their community through their extracurricular activities. By integrating these community projects with intensive career education, the school prepares students to be more effective employees as well as more responsible individuals.

SHTLM offers exclusive opportunity to train in an environment that reflects the standard of places in which students will eventually work. The requirements, therefore, are very high but on the other end of the scale, so are the rewards. The academic staff are here to train students to be leaders in the service industry.

The school welcomes you and looks forward to seeing you in person at Sunway University College.

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