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  • 4/28/2014

Parvin rejects ministry and choses freedom

parvin etesami

After being invited to join the Ministry of Education by the court, I realized that I had a great asset and didn't want to lose it by joining the court. It was the asset of being free-spirited and living a free-spirited life. What asset better than not being dependent on the government! Later when I thought about that man and his proposal, I used to tell myself: “had I joined the royal Court, I could have never composed a poem such as the one starting with the following verse: once a king passed by a passage. How could I serve in the Court and compose such a poem? Could I? Hence, I thanked God that I had not joined the Court. I rejected the proposal of that fellow, telling him I like to remain a poetess and continue to teach English. I made him understand that I didn't like to be a dependent on the Court. And indirectly I made him understand that I wasn't happy with Reza Khan. Neither with Reza Khan nor with his clique who were all bullies and thugs – a bunch of wolves acquainted with the herd of sheep for years. I made him understand that I wanted to remain a poetess and compose verses about the workers, peasants, and common people. I made him understand that I didn't like to compose poems about the oppression of the kings and this was why I couldn't join the Court.

A king passing by a passage once upon a time

Drew cry and exclamation of healthy and lime

An orphan asked a question in that crowd

What that bright is on the king’s crown?

What do we know my dear, answered another

But a precious item evidently my brother

An old woman whispered, my dear!

Blood of your heart and my tear

He has deceived us years as shepherd

He is a wolf with full knowledge of the herd

Swallowing villages, he is a bandit in virtuous’ gown

A king eating the subjects’ properties is a clown

At tear of the orphans don't spare a glance

Whence the glow of gem comes at once

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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