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  • 4/28/2014

Parvin: Sweetest Day of My Life

parvin etesami

The day my first poem was published was the sweetest day of my life. I felt that I was walking on the clouds, everything was beautiful and all creatures of the universe were happy. Everything and everybody. Even the clouds moving hastily in the sky were happy. As if they were moving towards the Albourz Mountains rapidly to give the news of the publication of my poem to the mountains, valleys, trees, and springs. Even the orphan with a broken water pot was wearing a smile on his lips that day, congratulating me with his tearful eyes. But this time his tears were those of happiness. My soul that day was just like a free and liberated bird. That day I thought that I had fulfilled all my aspirations. I was flying in the firmament of Iranian literature and poetry just like a carefree and liberated bird. But after sometime, I felt that I no more had the feeling and excitement I had for the first time when I saw my poem published in the magazine. It was then when I realized that the publication of my poems hadn't been my greatest aspiration. Thus a new aspiration started rooting in my heart. My greatest aspiration was the arrival of a day when my divan (anthology) of poems would be published and I become known as the most renowned poetess of Persian language among the people of my motherland. But I envisaged those days to be very far-reaching. Far and inaccessible, enveloped in a shroud of fog.

Since my poems had been published in the Bahar Magazine, I used to read the magazine more and more and used to take more lessons from it. It was a very good teacher for me. Next to my father, it was the only one that taught me many things. But whatever I say about my father isn't enough. The magazine was very nice. Nice and great.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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