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Details of Shahriari’s assassination attack

dr. shahriari

As Dr. Shahriari's wife describes, the details of this painful and unforgettable incident are as follows: "The day before the terror, Dr. called from the university and asked me to join him on a meeting the next day. I was having a project which had hit by an obstacle. Dr. promised me that my struggle would be over by the end of that meeting. I was very happy the next day and left the house with my husband. He was sitting in the front seat with the driver and I was sitting in the rear seat of the car. As usual, he started listening to the Qur’an verses interpreted by Ayatollah Javadi Amoli. We had only been 500 to 600 meters away in Artesh blvd., when a motorist got close to our vehicle. All of a sudden the driver shouted at my husband to get off the car, he was puzzled but I got out of the car much quicker and ran to help my husband out, but the very second a bomb was blown in front of my face. I didn't collapse, I could only feel the heat of that explosion on my face. I wanted to get to my husband and help him, but I was shocked and traumatized and could not move. I kept calling "my Majid". The driver came to help me but I sent him to Majid. When he reached my husband I understood that he was already gone. There was no one there to help us so I pulled myself towards the car and there I saw my Majid who was lying peacefully.

The next thing I remember I was on the way to the hospital. The minute I could recall of the incident I could only think of Karbala…. and how innocently those honorable people had been martyred and I thought of my Majid and I prayed to God."

She adds: "I was very close to the explosion and was terribly injured. A splinter had gone far close to my heart and it was a miracle that I could survive. My left foot was also broken into pieces and I had to have mussel transplant."

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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