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  • 4/26/2014

The Harmful Effects of Barbie as a Model

barbie doll

Anti-Barbie sites speak of early maturity in girls accustomed to the Barbie dolls. Sexual behaviors are propagated through encouraging the child to change the underwear of Barbie doll. Thinking of the effect of early maturity on the minds of our children which deprives them from a lovely childhood is really shameful!

Indirect propagation of sexual behavior and leading children toward pollution is mission Barbie accomplishes without any problems. Barbie is the manifestation of American culture with its materialism, consumption-propagation which works only through continued ignorance of people. There is no doubt they would always claim Barbie is nothing more than a doll for children!

Though all cultural authorities are responsible to inform the society, parents and mothers in particular shape the future of their children. No one is more sensitive than parents. Producers only decorate the dolls to attract more income but our children are more talented than they imagine.

Describing the harmful effects of this apparent beauty princess is all they need.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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