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Barbie as a Model? Part 1


Girls who develop close friendship with their Barbie, surely follow its way of clothing and thus they grow with the preferences of an American girl.

The same girls play the role of mothers and wives in their society where they manage their society with American values and that’s the reason of such high value they give to Barbie in American culture. Barbie attracts children utilizing their beauty-admiring potential and then implants western life-loving style in their minds so after a long time of closeness to Barbie during childhood and teenage period, it gets the result it wants.

Thus loving Barbie may be interpreted as loving western life-style. Children that grow up with Barbie, on their young-hood demand what they are taught during their Barbie playing times. Barbie and its accessories teach the child to follow consuming as a goal and admire competition in this field as a value.

So Barbie is not merely a doll, but every child consumed by this charming American princess should eventually buy her accessories as well. In this regard, Barbie was like free opium plan in china. Free Barbie dolls given out to children are futuristic investment where every girl who gets the doll would eventually only something with a Barbie sing and this is how the company will make a fortune from that initial free doll.

Barbie encourages the model of an American beauty princess through intimate friendship with girls since their early childhood. It humiliates the beauty of women from other nations by introducing an American woman as beauty idol. However it seems impossible to live with the physical body of a Barbie, many women and girls go on diets to get thinner that result in physical problems currently visible in girls over twenty in West.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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