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Models for Children


Providing model is key part of education and the most sensible period for that is the childhood. Childhood education includes utilization of special models of this period where dolls play an important modeling role for girls.

The Creation of Barbie

The Handlers produced the patented LiLi doll in their South Carolina Motel Co. where initially they produced toys but due to their daughter's interest in dolls they changed line to producing dolls. LiLi imitated the look and body of a German street woman called Lily.

Barbie was created with some changes in LiLi. Barbie was short for Barbara that was the name of the company head's young daughter. Production and sale of Barbie made Motel one of the most companies in the world. Barbie has been improved over 500 times but maintained its main physical appearance to keep up with modes and provide models for the young generation.

Unlike other dolls, Barbie has the face of a young American girl with a perfectly detailed body that is settled in the minds of all children and teenagers through pictures on every tool they have.

Girls who get closely friend with their Barbie, surely follow its way of clothing and thus they grow with the preferences of an American girl and when the selection time comes in their young hood, they act as they are expected to act as American women.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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