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  • 4/26/2014

Games and Toys as Models in the World of Children


Girl toys are specially glorious among different toys produced and introduced to the world market. Various dolls and animated figures like Cinderella, Snow-white, and Alice… and finally the Barbie which has invaded the market for over half of a century with her long golden heir, blue shiny eyes, tall and thin body covered in glorious colorful and mainly half naked clothes in a dancing or singing position.

We fill the rooms of our children with a collection of bags, shoes, stationary and toys, all with a picture of that so called beauty on them. Here we neglect the issue of making a hero or model for our children with the seed we are planting in the clean and free land of their hearts which will someday give its fruit.

Games and toys are indispensible parts of child nature and world but we should not forget that these parts provide entertainment and happiness as well as developing potential talents of our children and all modern games, movies and PC games are parts of this whole to educate our child.

Dolls (and later the animated personalities) have a particularly loved position for girls with which the impersonate themselves and play the role of their mother, sister, aunt and friend in their private times… so they establish a strong relation with their dolls.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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