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First Neighbor

At that night, he was listening to the words of his mother standing in the direction towards Ka’aba in a corner of the room. He was observing his mother praying to Allah prostrating, bowing, standing and sitting at that night, a Friday night. He was still a child; he was watching and hearing his mother praying for all Muslims, men and women remembering them by names and asking the Almighty for their prosperity, felicity and favors; he was carefully listening to her whether she would mention and demand something from Allah for herself or not?

That night Imam Hasan (pbuh) kept awake till morning, not losing the sight of her mother, Fatima (pbuh).The dawn succeeded after the night passed with prayer and supplication for others, but Imam Hasan (pbuh) did not hear her saying even a single word in favor of herself. In the morning, he (pbuh) asked,

“Mother! Tonight I listened to your prayers, throughout you prayed for others and you did not pray even a single word for yourself?”

The affectionate mother said in reply,

“My beloved son! First neighbors then our house”.

Allah says,

“….and be good to the parents and to the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the neighbour of (your) kin and the alien neighbour…..”

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