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  • 6/18/2006

Behavior towards Oppressors

Hasan ibn Husayn Anbari said, "For fourteen years I corresponded with Imam Reza (pbuh). I asked his permission to work for the government. In my last letter, I reminded him that I was afraid that they would cut my head off, and that the governor said that I was a rafidi (one who rejects the caliphate, a Shi'ite), and that undoubtedly I was refusing to work for the government because of my being rafidi.
Imam Reza (pbuh) wrote to me, "I read your letter in which you wrote that you feared for your life. If you know that when you obtain authority you will behave as the Prophet of God has commanded, and accordingly, you will choose your assistants and secretaries from among the Shi'ah, and whenever anything is placed at your disposal, you will disperse it equally among the disadvantaged, so that yourself will be included as one of them, in that case you may do it but otherwise, no."

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