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Tahoka Daisy/Prairie Aster

Machaeranthera tanacetifolia (Asteraceae)

A hardy upright to sprawling annual native to the mid-western United States. This variety is easy to recognize by the dense, compact leaves which are deeply divided into many narrow segments. The flowers are a beautiful lavender with bright yellow centers, each at the top of a leafy stem. Prefers sandy or gravelly soil in full sun. Excellent for those hard to maintain locations.

Average planting success with this species: 60%
Height: 12-18 inches
Germination: 15-45 days
Optimum soil temperature for germination: 55-65F
Sowing depth: 1/16"
Blooming period: May-September
Average seeds per pound: 496,000
Seeding rate: 5 lbs. per acre
Suggested use: Borders, roadsides, xeriscapes, rock gardens.
Miscellaneous: Periodic watering will encourage additional blooms.

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