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African Daisy

Dimorphotheca aurantiaca (Asteraceae)

A hardy, spreading annual with daisy-like flowers. A native of South Africa, it has naturalized throughout the southwestern United States. Blooms are 2-4 inches across in brilliant shades of white, yellow, and orange. An excellent variety to sow in early spring, as it will produce extravagant color for weeks. Prefers full sun in well-drained soils. Sow in early spring, seedlings are not winter hardy. You will be delighted with this outstanding performer.

Average planting success with this species: 70%
Height: 12-18 inches
Germination: 10-30 days
Optimum soil temperature for germination: 60-70F
Sowing depth: 1/16"
Blooming period: April-August
Average seeds per pound: 251,000
Seeding rate: 9 lbs. per acre
Suggested use: Roadsides, floral gardens, arid regions, mixtures, open fields and rock gardens.
Miscellaneous: The genus name, Dimorphotheca, means "two shapes of seed" relating to the fact that the plant produces two non-identical seed forms.

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