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  • 6/3/2006

Ayatollah Khamene’i

ayatollah khamene’i

Quotation of the Week

Imam Khomeini guided the Iranian nation on the path to the accomplishment of some noble objectives. He also introduced us to certain criteria so that, by observing those criteria, we may not deviate from the right path.

Only by treading this path will we be able to achieve salvation and prosperity; that is, we will be able to eliminate poverty and backwardness from our country, administer justice, which has been the ancient dream of mankind, put an end to the humiliation suffered by Muslim nations, foil the arrogant powers in their expansionist goals through power and strength not through flattery and self-abasement, make moral values, piety and faith prevail both in our individual lives and in the country"s macro policies and, finally, enjoy freedom, which is a great divine gift, and all other blessings resulting from it.

Part of Leader"s Speech on the 16th Demise Anniversary of Imam Khomeini

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