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Salahaddin University


SalahaddinUniversity is one of the oldest and largest institutions of higher learning in the Kurdistan region. It was established in 1968 in Sulemaniya city as the University of Sulemaniya. It was transferred to Erbil city in 1981 and its name was changed toSalahaddinUniversity. Initially, the university included seven colleges; Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Administration, Arts, Education, and Medi0cine. Later, in 1985, college of Law and Politics was added to the University whilecollege ofDentistry was added in 1995. Total number of colleges became 22 in 2004. It decreased to 18 in 2005 when colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy became part of Hawler Medical University.

The University is a member of theInternational Association of Universities and grants various academic degrees and certificates to qualified individuals, including Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD).  A Medical degree (MD) is also granted by the Medical College. The diplomas and certificates awarded bySalahiddinUniversity are internationally recognized.

TheCollege of Administration and Economics is one of the oldest colleges of theUniversity ofSalahaddin in Hawlere and the oldest in Kurdistan-Iraq. Its humble beginnings date back to the establishment of the Division of Economics within the Department of Kurdish Studies, College of Arts, and University of Sulaimania in the fall 1972. However, it started as a college under: College of Administration with two departments: Administration and Statistics in 1976/1977.

In the academic year 1987/1988 the college was renamed:College of Administration and Economics following the restitution of the Department of Economics and remained as such till present. In 1988/1989 the Department of Accounting was added. Thus, the college has become a full fledged institution with interrelated degree-granting departments.

Following the enactment of Iraqi Kurdistan Region's Higher Education and Scientific Research Law in 1994, the main goals of the college have become more clearly drawn and fall in line with the objectives set in the said law. These objectives can be summarized as follows:

1.Training young men and women for specialized professions for public and private sectors and preparing them for further career specialists.
2.Granting full study-leave for bright graduates to get on to become well qualified staff on the college faculty.
3. Providing qualified research assistants to work on public and private projects relating to economic development and scientific progress.
4. Solving economic, social and administrative problems aimed at real issues of the day.


College of Agriculture was founded in 1968 along with the establishment of theUniversity ofSulaimani and the college of science and engineering in accordance with a decree no. 143 of 1968. It started with the departments of plant production and animal production. The first group graduated in June 1972. The higher studies leading to Master's degree started in the above specialization since the academic year 1976- 1977. In 1981 the college was transferred to Eski-Kalak, 30 km west of Arbil. Unfortunately the college was abolished in accordance with a special command from the Iraqi government in 1987. The college was reopened in 1996 and the academic study started in the same year .It started with two departments, viz. Plant production and Animal resources departments. In the academic year 1999-2000 the department Plant Protection of was added .Afterward, the department of food technology was added in 2000-2001. Finally the department of Soil and Water was added in 2002-2003.

College of Arts

has been built in the year 1971 atSulaimany University in Sulaimany City, first consisted of the Kurdish Language Dept. Later in 1981, it transfered to Hawler City, hence its name was changed to Salahadin University .The college at that time consisted of the departments of Kurdish, Arabic Languages & the Sociology Dept. Then in 1985-1986 the departments of History & the English Language, in 1986-1987The Geography Dept., in 1995-1996 the Islamic Studies, 1998-1999 the Persian Language Dept., and finally the Archeology Dept started.

College of education

has been inaugurated since 1976 when the university's headquarters was in Sulaimani City. In 1976-1977, college of education comprised three scientific departments: Biology, chemistry and Physics departments. In 1979-1980, Mathematics department has been declared. After the University had been relocated and settled in Arbil city. Arabic and Psychology departments were inaugurated in 1985-1986. In 1991, after the uprising and the great Kurdish exodus, Kurdish Language department has been announced as a re-enforcement of Kurdish identity and entity in 1992-1993. In 1998-1999, the graduates of English language from college of Arts were not sufficient to compensate the lacks of English teachers in schools, consequently in college of Education. In 1999-2000, the unit of computer has turned into a department because of the significance of computer skills in college students' career.
Nowadays, college of Education comprises nine departments divided into two majors: scientific and anthropologic; five departments are scientific and the rest are anthropologic, it/s worth mentioning that college of Physical Education was a part of college of Education departments before getting separated and becoming independent college.


of Engineering commenced in 1968 in Sulaimania as onecollege ofUniversity of Sulaimania. College of Engineering commitment as a center of engineering education is to impart technical knowledge par excellences Evolove result-oriental, innovative techniques in engineering, and provide necessary career guidance.
The primary focus of the college is to expose the young minds to the world of technology, instilling them confidence and fortitude to face new challenges enabling them to shine in their chosen fields.

College of Law and Politics

started in 1993-1994 with three teachers, for the seventh year it has graduating students.
Material thought in the Department.
Political system, Political History, Political thought

College of physical Education

was a department which belongs to college of education. In 1998 this department became a college of physical education by itself up to now.

College of Rights

was established in 1992-1993 with a single department of law.
The college offers four year undergraduate studies program leading to bachelor degree in Law.
The admonitions of students were theory central admonition office. That was the only way for admonition and enrollment. First graduation was achieved in 1995-1996 so far the college has six group graduates. In the 2003-2004 the college was established a new department it is called political science department.

College of Science

is established in 1968 as one of the first ones withSalahaddin University. It has first four departments; Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Later in 1997 Geology was established. In the year 76-77 M.Sc. Studies was initiated in several department, while Ph.D. studies has started in Chemistry in 1992, and Geology 1998 since 1968 to date 32 had graduated with B.Sc. degrees who fed different disciplines in academic and industrial institutions in our country.

College of Sharee’a

established in 2002-2003 and it consists of three departments: Islamic studies, Sharee’a and Fundamentals of the religion.

College of basic education

has been established in 2001, the aim of college is to prepare, teaching staff for primary school with high scientific level. It gives B.S. degree to its students. It text four years study. First year is general, the specialists starts in second stage. It contains four departments now (Kurdish Language, English Language, Mathematics, Sociology). We have planned to opening new department as expand plan.


Academic libraries are part of information revolution. As such undergoing transformation, throughout history, they have served as repositories of great books, artifacts, visual materials and special collections vital to the advancement of knowledge.

Today libraries are home to much more. Most of us agree that libraries are a powerful force in shaping student learning and faculty research. As teaching and learning centers, libraries enable students to acquire mastery of research techniques that will serve them long after their formal education is completed. However, today, libraries must also reflect the realities of modern work and life.

The mission of the Central Library is to collect, preserve, interpret and provide access to information resources in support of instruction, research, and creative activity.

The vision of Central Library is to connect students, faculty and staff with resources needed for student-centered learning, research, and creative activity. The library is a gateway to information and a central place, amid decentralized access points, where collaboration and individual learning occurs.

The Central Library was established in 1968. It contains various sections such as:







      Manuscripts and rare books

      Public relation and training


      Book maintenance

      Exhibition and Exchange

      Administration as well as student’s hall

Each college atSalahaddinUniversity has its own library, which focuses on maintaining a collection of books, periodicals and up to date materials that support the courses taught in that college.

Central library is currently housed in a building near college of science on the main street ofKirkuk. It is expected to be renovated in the near future.

Undergraduate students visit the central library and use its materials frequently. Nearly 4500 users, more than ever before, came through the doors of this library during the past year. Nevertheless, this library remains an important place for students to gather, read, converse with friends, learn, relax, and use internet service.

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