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Pray for Rain

pray for rain

In the time of our 11th Imam, Imam Hasan Askari (pbuh) there lived a Christian priest, who could make it rain by raising his hands up to the sky.

The Muslim king began to get worried because the Muslims" faith started to waver and if the Muslims left Islam he would have no one to rule over.

The king went to the Imam Hasan Askari (pbuh) whom he had imprisoned and told him that the Muslims were losing faith in Islam because of the Christian priest.

Imam (pbuh) told the king to arrange a gathering of all the people and the priest.

At the gathering Imam (pbuh) asked the Christian priest to pray for rain. When the priest raised his hands to pray it began to rain. Imam (pbuh) asked for whatever was in the priest"s hand to be taken away and then told him to pray for rain again.

The priest tried and tried but he could not get it to rain.

Imam (pbuh) then showed the people the bone that the priest was holding in his hands. Imam (pbuh) told the people that it was a bone of a Prophet and that was what was causing it to rain and not the priest.

Imam Hasan Askari (pbuh) then prayed for rain and it rained.

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