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Professor Motahari from Ayatollah Khamenie's point of view

morteza motahari

"The great supreme leader Hazrat Ayatollah Khamenie has described the out standing personality of professor Motahhari through his speeches and statements, some of which come as the following:

“In fact, professor Motahhari has left us with the great and invaluable legacy, we should appreciate them and try to learn them, because they are dedicated to us by the one who had high level of understanding.”


“ The words of this martyr are enriched with the many invaluable themes which can serve as a right point to think.”


“ The works of professor Motahari should be surveyed and exposed to the literary critics and the related issues should be expanded so that they serve as the basis of the new thoughts, the task which is possible and necessary.”

“ Possessing the right knowledge of the pure Islam, intelligence and a clear point of view about the deviant and corrupted movements, bravery at the time of facing such movements are among the attribute which led to an exclusive nature of his multidimensional and nobel character.”

“ Now such an outstanding figure is not with us. However; an valuable treasure of his thoughts, his policy of the long Holy War which signifies his patience is in front of us.”


“ The policy which can lead to maintenance of the revolutionary thoughts is the one which belongs to Motahhari.”


“ Motahhari was one of the architects of the Islamic Republic’s system. The main plan of the Islamic system was formed due to his brain, his knowledgeable heart and his science and intelligence”.

“Professor Motaharri considered training and educational activities as his most important mission. His job was not just limited in his class, he had always a skillful teacher at his home, among the friends and also in the society.”


“ Motahhari survives in the existence of those who are at service of the revolution and such a holy system and the future of the revolution is time of manifestation of people like him.”


"Motahhari’s policy would mean resistance against the influencing movements through the real Islamic thoughts.”

“ Motahhari was the pioneer of the movement which gave us the right identity of a

Muslim woman”.


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