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The least I could do

Iranian Folklore

Long long ago, an old mother had a son who had disobeyed the then ruler. The ruler was so angry that had sentenced her son to death. The son was supposed to be hanged in the village center in front of all the villagers. On his last night in jail his mother went to see him for the last time. She talked to him very patiently trying to give him confidence. At the end she said, “Tomorrow morning I’ll go up the old tall building adjacent to the village square. Just have a look at me up there. If I’m wearing black the soldiers will hang you up. But if I’m wearing white they will not kill you. It means that I have changed the ruler’s decision and the ruler is just going to scare people. You don’t need to be worry then.”

The next day the soldiers took the son to the village center. Lots of onlookers were there. The son looked for his mother on the top of the old building. All of a sudden, his mother appeared there wearing white. He therefore relaxed and went toward the hanged rope. People were looking. The soldiers put the ring around his neck. A few seconds passed. Then one of the soldiers kicked the old chair from under his feet. He struggled a little in vain. A moment later he was no more.

The villagers then started blaming the old mother on and on. “Why did you cheat your only son so miserably?” They asked, “How could you do that? You are not a real mother.”

“I tried my best to save his life. Nobody helped me. I couldn’t get the ruler’s forgiveness either. Therefore the only thing I could do for my son was to make him happy during the last moments of his life.” Said the poor woman still crying deeply as she walked away alone.

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