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Minoufiya University



Minoufiya University was founded in 1976. It started with four faculties with nearly 9500 students, 214 staff members and 372 assisting members. It has steadily and remarkably developed to be one of the large universities in Egypt. Today the University includes 22 faculties & institutes with about 71.000 students, 1463 staff members and 1370 assisting members.

The University has two campuses. The main campus is located at the city ofShebin EL.koum, the capital of Minoufiya governorate, which is 75 Km. from Cairo. The University other campus is located atSadat City, 60Km. from Shebin EL-Koum and 90Km. fromCairo.

Since its establishment,Minoufiya University has been committed to provide teaching, research and public service programs of the highest quality.

Minufiya University Mission:

Since its foundation,Minoufiya University has been committed to offer teaching and research together with public service programs of the highest quality. While being involved in the promotion of sciences, knowledge and their applications, the University denotes much expertise, time and wide services to the development of the community to which it belongs.

Many of our projects are interdisciplinary in character and involve collaboration with industry. The various activities of the university self-sponsored units give evidence of the dynamism of the university in this concern.

General Information:

*Admission toMinoufiya University, like all other governmental universities in Egypt, is based   on an annual entrance examination, which is highly competitive.

* The academic year has two sixteen – week semesters:

-         First semester: mid September to late December

-         Second semester: early February to late May

* Arabic is the official language of instruction, but certain courses and programs are offered in English.

* The University accepts students from various Arab and Muslim countries to join it at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students who wish to apply for a first-degree course should submit their applications to the General Aliens Department, Ministry of Higher Education, Cairo. As for the graduate courses, students may apply directly to the University.

* Vacations: -

-         Summer vacation: late June – Mid September.

-         Mid year vacation: two weeks during the month of January.





Computer and information


Electronic Engineering


Home Econoics




Physical Education


Specific Education

Tourism and Hotels

Veterinary Medicine

Monofeya University Libraries

Central Library -MenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 4031   Last Updated on 23/08/2005 

Faculty of agriculture -MenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 3453   Last Updated on 31/12/2003 

Faculty of Arts Library -MenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 8155   Last Updated on 06/03/2005 

Faculty of Commerce -MenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 8932   Last Updated on 07/03/2005 

Faculty of Education -MenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 1695   Last Updated on 31/12/2003 

Faculty of Engineering - -MenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 943   Last Updated on 31/12/2003 

Faculty of information & computer

Holdings: 626   Last Updated on 10/03/2005 

Faculty ofMedicineMenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 1513   Last Updated on 31/12/2003 

Faculty of Nursing Library -MenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 2652   Last Updated on 31/12/2003 

Faculty of Science -MenofiaUniversity

Holdings: 6716   Last Updated on 08/03/2005 

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- Menofia University

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