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Norouz at the advent of Islam

At the advent of Islam, the Iranians who were living in the caliphs" central domains followed their national traditions, this included Norouz.It is said that:
"Following the Norouz tradition, a present was offered to Imam Ali. Imam asked: "what is this?" "O’ Amir ul Mo’menin (the commanderof faithful), today is Norouz" replied they.

"Every day should be Norouz", said he."
Till then the feast just belonged to the Iranians and the first Islamic caliphs gave a cold shoulder to Norouz. Later on, the Omavid caliphs put the tradition of Norouz’s gifts once again into practice.The tradition was frequently in use before Islam in the courts of Iran. The caliphs did so in order to benefit more.Abbasids who came to power after Omavids did so; Mansour, the second Abbasid king suggested Imam Kazim to choose Norouz as a day of the accession to the throne so that the people could offer him the special Norouz greetings and gifts."
Therefore; like the other national traditions, having no contrastwith the Islamic principles, the feast of Norouz continued to surviveamong the Iranians.

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