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60 Years Old, Sunni Lady Miraculously Healed

Mrs Naseem Akhtar went with a small group of people from Wolverhampton and Birmingham (U.K.) to do a pilgrimage of Shaam (Syria) & Iran for 2 weeks.
This 'noble lady' had apparently been taken in a wheelchair.
She was the only 'non-Shia' in the group, as none of her family members (all devoted, Sunnis) were prepared to accompany her to the Holy Shrines.
The 60yrs old, Naseem Akhtar, had broken both of her legs 4yrs earlier.
She was wheelchair bound due to the bones in her legs not having healed properly.
Onthe 27th November 2005, Mrs Syeda Naseem Akhtar was lightly tied to the zareeh of Imam Reza (pbuh) byBirmingham's Mrs Halima.
Mrs Halima (the wife of Hussainia Mosque's Technician: Mr.Mir Fiaz Hussain); and the frail old, Mrs Naseem Akhtar were seen crying, passionately, clinging on to the shrine of the eighth Imam (pbuh).
Syeda Naseem Akhtar went into a deep state of sleep. She heard someone tell her to 'get up'. Mrs.Akhtar opened her eyes, turned around and asked Mrs Halima whether she had spoken to her?
But Mrs Halima replied to Mrs Akhtar, that she was embroiled in her own daughter (10yrs old Hajira)'s sorrows and had not uttered a word.
Naseem Akhtar fell off to sleep again, clinging on to the 8th Imam (pbuh)'s shrine. She heard the same voice again, telling her to stand up.
When she opened her eyes, she found her arm had slipped inside the shrine; and to her shock,the voice was coming from within the shrine.
Mrs Syeda Naseem Akhtar, lifted herself up from the ground and at first, hesitantly tried to stand. Then she took her first steps in 4yrs, walked to her friends, and started crying aloud.
When the people from her group realized what had happened, they all started reading theSalawaat (a formula of praise and greeting to God and Muhammad and his descendants) aloud. Others at the shrine were made aware of the Miracle that had been witnessed and there were tears of joy all around.
The leader of the group Malik Abrar Hussain of Wolverhampton, was overwhelmed with tears, as it was the first time he had ever taken a 'Kaafila' (group) to Iran.
Mrs Syeda Naseem Akhtar returned walking like a teenager, to her shocked family in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, U.K. on 30th November 2005.

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