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Imam Reza's Social Behavior

Ibrahim bin Abbas, who was one of the high-ranking officials of the Abbasid caliphate, has left the following eyewitness account of Imam Reza’s (pbuh) impeccable character.
- His Holiness never irritated others by verbal or practical teasing.
- His Holiness did not interrupt others' speeches.
- The Holy Imam (pbuh) never refused the demands of others.
- I never witnessed him to have his legs stretched out before the others.
- And I could never find him in a resting position in the presence of other people.
-His Holiness never swore at his servants.
-His Holiness never cachinnated in happy circumstances.
-I never saw him spit his saliva out.
-At dinner all his servants including porters and even the stablemen were served in his attendance.
- His Holiness used to stay up all nights invoking Allah the Almighty. The Holy Imam (pbuh) also observed regularly the religious duty of fasting and always gave alms in secret.

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