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Zurkhane Games and Tools (Part 3)

zurkhane games


The Kabbadeh resembles a war bow and is made. In Persian culture it is known as a loose bow to practice using war bows. GholamrezaInsafpur narrates the book of MinaviKherad to have defined it as an equipment to practice fighting devil. The Dehkhoda vocabulary speaks of a practicing bow used to strengthen the arm of fighters. Ancient Kabaadas were different in shape since modern ones are made of pure iron and have no flexible body and has a chain on one side to keep balance. Zurkhane has two kinds of Kabaada, the light one for beginners and the heavy one for professionals. Normal Kabaada is 15kg with a 150cm arc and a 200cm chain.


Modern equipment used as Sang in Zurkhane is a big flat piece of stone with the shape of old shoe studs. They are square at one end and arced at the other with holders in the middle covered with felt to prevent hurting athletes. Sangs have no specified weight and are made as requested. In international games, however, each Sang is 20kg and 100*70*5cm. Researchers believe Sangs are ancient shields used to strengthen arms. Iraqis call it Kheibar Gate to remember Imam Ali (PBUH).


Push-up is of practices exercised in Zurkhane. Athletes put TakhteShena in front of them and when Morshed sounds the bell after reciting the preface and starts drumming in continuous hits, they start push-up moves following the Myandar. TakhteShena is a board of 70 cm in length and 8 cm in width with two 5 cm legs giving it a little height. TakhteShena is not among the main equipment in Zurkhane since without it you could use hand palms to hold yourself.


Traditionally they used Long but now they usually have sports shirts with traditional jacket, long leather or velvet trousers.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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