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Zurkhane Games and Tools (Part 1)



Zurkhane is the place to gain not only power but more morals, humbleness and less prejudice. Zurkhane sports are exercised in closed places resembling cellars and temples where the origins of Zurkhane grew. After Islam and insistence on fighting trainings for boys, these sports became more serious and by the Mongol invasion of Iran, Zurkhane was founded and finally in got their current style during the seventh century. Based on some sources, PoriayeValy founded the first Zurkhane. Entrance of Zurkhane is built short so you may enter humbly but the ceilings are high like mosques and temples.  In the middle of the structure there is an octagonal pit (Gowd) that is 10m in diameter and 70cm below ground level and constitutes the main exercise area the whole edges are covered with wood or soft plastic to prevent harming athletes. The seats for fans and special place for equipment surround Gowd. Equipment used in modern Zurkhane sports include: Sang (shield), TakhteShena(push-up board), Mil (club-bell), Kabaada(bow and chain)


Praying is among the most ancient principles or social aspects of Zurkhane games done to the modern days with little changes.

Sardam; pavilion of Morshed

Sardam is a pure and respectable stand giving Morshed proper sight of the Gowd to better perform Zurkhane traditions. Sardam is built by marble stones or walnut wood with beautiful dome and is traditionally decorated with swan and peacock feathers used by ancient warriors to decorate their helmet. Morshed seat is usually near to the entrance with proper height with bells tied to itscrescent or square ceiling parts.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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