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Edward Brown on popularity of Zurkhane through history


Edward Brown, the great easterner, also believes Zurkhane has been popular since ancient times though with somehow different appearance and tools. Late Gholam Reza Insafpur believes Zurkhane as we know today has been popular since the seventh century. He notes “it has been popular with not comprehensive rules before the seventh century and types of it in shape of wrestling are found in mythological tales of Firdausi’s Shahname. These athletics were called with different names since Arabs’ invasion of Iran like Khane, LangarGah, IbadatKhane, and VarzeshKhane. The name VarzeshKhane is found in Mir Nejat’sGolKoshti going back to Safavid era. The name IbadatKhane is used in the tale of PuriayeVali in pre-Safavid era.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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