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  • 3/12/2014

The Solidary Girl – 2

parvin etesami

Loneliness and solitariness was a blessing for me, for in loneliness I could realized myself better and didn't like at all to waste my time by talking and quarrelling with other girls. How could I consider my classmates my confidantes? While they liked things I didn't and I wanted and was interested in things they didn't and weren't. This was what had created a hiatus between me and other girls. A gap that couldn't be filled with anything except poetry. I wasn't an unkind or an unemotional, senseless girl. I liked my classmates. They liked me too. They all knew that I was very honest in my friendship. It is true that I intermingled with others very rarely, but once I made friends with someone, it was very difficult and impossible for me to cut off the friendship ties. I loved every body and couldn't even tolerate agony in the eyes of one who didn't like me. When I came across a sick or a destitute, I used to think up to midnight of the same day and couldn't sleep. I always thought to myself: why some people are destitute? Why some are lucky and some unlucky? Why some are full of blessings and some need a loaf of bread? Every night while going to bed my mind would be obsessed with the "whys" for which I didn't have any answer.

Marketplace and neighborhood were another school for me - a school that gave lessons of life to me. I used to learn things in the marketplace and neighborhood that I couldn't learn at the American School. Every day I found something new in the marketplace and neighborhood and faced diverse events. The lessons of marketplace and neighborhood weren't repetitive.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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