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Parvin and Bahar on Sizdah Bedar

parvin etesami

- Hello!

- Hello and thousands of greetings to cute Ms. Parvin. How are you my daughter?

- Thanks God.

- Bravo and viva my daughter! Tell me, do you have any new poems? What to you like to talk about?

- Poetry which is better than anything else!

- Well done! That is right. Of course you have definitely composed two, three poems. Am I right? After all the spring has come and spring smells of poetry. Isn’t it so?

- Yes. Today I composed a poem about the ants. About the efforts of the ants and …

- Very good! Probably you have been inspired by the things around you in this poem, right?

- Yes, from the ants in the orchard!

-It is very good. Don’t forget to read it for me. OK?


-Thank you dear Parvin. Now, will the poetess of great poems allow me to go to the guests?

- You are most welcome.

Smiling, he went in. Going a little ahead, he said: “Don’t forget to read the poem for me after lunch.”

I said, “I am celebrating Sizdahbedar in the orchard. If you like, you can join me.”

- Definitely. I will come and sit at your table after lunch. Then we will have chat, that is, you will read your poems and I will listen. OK, my daughter?’

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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