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Parvin Etesmai in her own words-5

parvin etesami

The sun was dragging itself towards the middle of the sky silently and voicelessly. Those few patches of clouds had mounted the horse of wind and had descended the mountain. I guessed they were coming towards the sun. The poor sun was trying to get rid of those few pieces of adamant, dark clouds. But it was tired and couldn't move. It was on foot, while the clouds were riding.

Suddenly someone knocked at the door. I saw our servant going towards the door to open it. I cast my look towards him, wishing that the comer may be Bahar. But it wasn't. For eight times I counted from one to thirty; finally it was his turn to come. When I heard the knock, I realized that it was he. His knocking too was different from that of others. As if he was testing the melody and meter of his poems on the door. Before the servant goes to open the door, I went and opened it. The door was ajar. He pushed and opened it. I saw his tall stature which appeared within the frame of the door. Ever green as a pine tree. That day he looked taller.

Bahar was kind just like my father and would listen to my poems very carefully. Whenever I read my poems to him he would applaud and praise me; would encourage me, frequently saying viva and bravo. He would say on occasions: “Well done”, I wouldn't understand what does that mean, probably it was a kind of bravo. When he would leave our house, the fragrance of his clothes and that of his words would remain around me. And I liked to sit and compose poems. Whenever he came as if he would pour a few poems along with the dried fruits into my hands. Perhaps he would hide the poems in between the figs and dried berries, giving them to me.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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