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Parvin Etesami Autobiography-3 (Bahar)

parvin etesami

My shadow was sitting beside me, gazing at me. It was silent. Perhaps it too was waiting for Bahar to come and just like me see him. Perhaps my shadow too wanted to read my songs for Bahar’s shadow. I had seen one, two times that when I read my poems for Bahar, my shadow too would shake its head and move its lips, reading poems for Bahar’s shadow. Bahar’s shadow would silently listen. Just like Bahar himself, who would remain silent and listen to my poems. I would sometimes think: Just like human beings, trees, flowers and clouds I have a shadow, probably my poems too had shadow. Perhaps my shadow reads my poems for Bahar’s shadow.

I had heard from my father and other elderly who would say: Bahar is a great man. He was truly great. He was very tall. When I stood in front of him, it seemed that a small sapling was standing in front of a great, tall pine tree. His shadow was taller than himself. They would say Bahar is an important person. He is a parliament member and a great poet who composes very good poems. I wished I could become like him. I wished I would be as tall as him and compose as good poems as those of him.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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