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Encyclopedia of Modern Asia


Karen Christensen, Berkshire Publishing Group LLC and David Levinson, Berkshire Publishing Group LLC

ISBN: 0-684-80617-7
Price: $725
First Edition, 6 volumes, 3,600 pages
Publication Date:November 2002

The Encyclopedia of Asia extends the global coverage offered in Berkshire Publishing Group's many publications on world cultures, ethnic relations, and the environment and was edited by Berkshire's David Levinson and Karen Christensen with a board of leading scholars from around the world. This massive project - 3,000 articles, 2.2 million words of text, hundreds of photographs, 700 authors in 65 countries - is the definitive resource on the entire sweep of Asia, from the Muslim countries of Southeast Asia, across China, India, and the Central Asian republics to the Turkic nations of westernAsia.

The Encyclopedia of Modern Asia provides students, scholars, professionals, and general readers access to information and knowledge about key people, places, events, issues, and process acrossAsia. Comprehensive, authoritative, and fully cross-disciplinary, the Encyclopedia's focus isAsia since 1850, but ample historical information makes clear how the past influences the present as well as the future.

The Encyclopedia's world systems view ofAsia treats Asian nations and their institutions as increasingly significant participants in regional and international economic, political, and cultural networks. Previously ignored topics now take center stage: contemporary political and business networks; human rights issues; regional environmental pollution; the role of women in Asian societies; regional and sub-regional alliances; ethnic and religious conflicts; internal and external migrations; demographic transitions; and tourism.

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