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Faculty of the Science of Hadith


Faculty of the Sciences of Hadith is one of the private and non-profitable institutes of tertiary education which started its educational activities in 1999/1378 with official license issued by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. Faculty which is affiliated to theDarolhadith Scientific-Cultural Institutelocates inReyCity adjacent to the Holly Shrine of Hazrat Abdulazim, peace be upon him.

With the aim of doing research, training, and propagating Hadith reported from infallible Imams,Darolhadith Institute was founded officially in 1995/1374 in Qum City with the message of the Supreme Leader. Faculty, as the first and biggest scientific centre of the world of Shiism in Hadith and related sciences, has presented a lot of products and works to the enthusiasts. Though the official activity in the field of the Sciences of Hadith began with inauguration of Darolhadith Research Centre but from the very beginning endeavour was made to design a university discipline on the Sciences of Hadith with the aim of training the researchers and scientists needed in this field and mitigate the severe and sensible shortage.

The Aims of Faculty

Regarding the important role that Hadith reported from the infallible leaders play in becoming familiar with noble Islamic teachings and the salvation and felicity originated from this heavenly religion, Faculty of the Sciences of Hadith follows the lofty aims including the following ones:

1. Training and bringing up the professional instructors and high school of the Sciences of Hadith and religious education for meeting the needs of educational centre.

2. Training and bringing up the researches and experts of Islamic studies in the branches related to the Sciences of Hadith.

3. Training the proselytizers of Islamic science and culture for the country and abroad and meeting the needs of the attaches and Cultural Houses of Islamic Republic of Iran in foreign countries.

4. Attracting foreign candidates who are interested in research and studies on the Sciences of Hadith and answering to the foreign Islamic centers.

5. Providing the facilities needed for promotion of the scientific- cultural level of the experts of the governmental organizations and Islamic institutes in different Islamic fields.

6. Identifying the talents and providing the facilities needed for the continuation of studies by the talented persons in higher educational level with the aim of training Traditionists, proselytizers, researchers and Islamists.


Whereas at present the final table of all parts of Faculty is being designed, we only introduce some deputies in brief and may god, in future, the complete table of all parts will be presented in this page:

a) Educational Deputy

b) Research Deputy

c) Student and Cultural Deputy

d) Administrative and Financial Deputy




Virtual Hadith Sciences Faculty (VHSF)

Beside theprosperous verbal training, the faculty of sciences of tradition as one of the pioneers of the electronic learning could design a virtual learning project in 2002 and commenced its activities in 2004 for presenting the university courses on the web, aiming at preparing a new way of offering Islamic teachings specially Hadith Sciences to all enthusiasts throughout the world.

The main program of this project is presenting all approved university units of Hadith Sciences through the internet as a virtual learning and giving the official degree to those students who pass the courses with a high scientific degree.

In this e-faculty students everywhere and anytime learn lessons by the best and update facilities such as; chat rooms, forums, mail, ability of communication with the instructor and other students, ability of asking questions, possibility of reviewing lessons, and ....

As well as, using the best technical and learning tools, it’s easy for students to receive lessons with text, sound, pictures, animations, and interactive exercises so that students in this virtual classes learn the Islamic and Hadith sciences much better and easier than the verbal ones.

At present this e-faculty is available in Persian by the address;www.vu.hadith.ac.ir, so only those who are native in Persian or know it very well can profit by the e-faculty. God willing we have in mind to make it possible inEnglish andArabic soon.

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