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Syria’s health system collapsing: Aid agency


The aid agency “Save the Children”‌ has warned that the health system in Syria is collapsing and that children are suffering as a result of a lack of proper healthcare.

According to Press TV, the charity organization said in a report on Monday that about 60 percent of the hospitals in Syria have been destroyed or damaged since the outbreak of the conflict three years ago and that nearly half of the doctors have left the Arab country.

It described the collapse of the health system as “horrific,”‌ with limited medical staff struggling to treat the people injured in the conflict.

The report said, “Syria’s health system is now in such disarray that we have heard reports of doctors using old clothes for bandages and patients opting to be knocked unconscious with metal bars, because there are no anesthetics.”‌ The aid agency further noted that newborns have died in incubators due to power cuts, while doctors have been forced to cut off children’s limbs as they did not have the equipment to treat them.

It added that polio has now infected up to 80,000 children across Syria, while the disease had been eradicated in the country in 1995.

The organization said that over 140,000 people have lost their lives in the violence in Syria.

Source: irib.ir

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