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IRGC fully prepared to foil soft threats: Cmdr.

irgc commander major general muhammad ali jafari

A high-ranking Iranian military figure says the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) is fully prepared to counter the “soft threats”‌ posed by the enemies.

“The major threats against the Islamic Republic are soft ones; and different divisions of the IRGC have prepared the necessary plans to counter these threats,”‌ said IRGC Commander Major General Muhammad Ali Jafari addressing a group of clerics in Tehran on Saturday.

On December 31, 2013, Commander of the Tehran-based Muhammad Rasool-Allah Division of the IRGC Brigadier General Mohsen Kazemeini described the Islamic Republic as a top and influential world power in cyberspace and soft war.

“Cyber war is not the kind of war fought overtly. Nevertheless, the enemies of the [Islamic] establishment have realized that our country’s capabilities in the virtual world have grown considerably compared to the past,”‌ he stated.

Thanks to their high capabilities and acute intelligence, Iranian cyber experts can stage large-scale cyberspace maneuvers in a short period of time, the senior IRGC commander noted.

In late 2011, Iran launched a cyber defense headquarters tasked with preventing computer worms from breaking into or stealing data from the country’s maximum-security networks, including nuclear facilities, power plants, data centers and banks.

Source: presstv.com

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