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A Miraculous Act of Imam Sadiq

A man fromDamascus was given a meeting with Imam Sadiq (pbuh) and said that he had come for a discussion with one of his students.
Imam said, "Introduce him to Hisham." Hisham was the youngest of his students.
"0 Boy," said the man from Damascus, "ask me concerning the Imamate of this man (Imam Sadiq (pbuh)."
Hisham was angered by his lack of manners and shuddered. But he concealed his temper and began.
"Is your Creator more kind and loving towards His slaves, or the slaves themselves?"
"The Creator."
"What has the loving Creator done for his slaves?"
"He has appointed a clear guidance and proof, to protect them from differences and disunity, and to establish friendship and unity among them. He has made clear to them their religious duties."
"Who is that guide?"
"The Prophet."
"Who is it after the death of the Prophet?"
"The Book of Allah and the Sunna of the Prophet of Allah."
"Can the Book of Allah and the Sunna of the Prophet prevent us from differences today?"
"So why do you and I, both Muslims have a dispute, or in other words, why have you come here fromDamascus as a result of this difference?"
The man fromDamascus was silent and said no more.
Imam Sadiq (pbuh) said to him: "Why don't you speak up?"
"What shall I say?" he replied. "If I say we have no difference, then I lie. And just as I said the Book of Allah and the Sunna of the Prophet should take away the difference between us, so this also is untrue, because, in many instances, the Book of Allah and the Sunna do not have a clear and obvious meaning that could dispel our differences."
So the man fromDamascus said that he wanted to ask the very same question from Hisham. The Imam agreed "0 Hisham, Who is the more loving towards people? God, or the people themselves?"
"Did he send them someone to protect the unity of Muslims and to take over their control, to explain to them truth and falsity?"
"Are you talking about the time of the Prophet, or about now?"
"In the time of the Prophet, it was him; no, tell me about now."
"Today it is this man who is seated here and to whom people come from every corner of the land, and who gives us news of the heaven and the earth; and this knowledge was bequeathed to him from his father and so on back to the Prophet."
"How can I verify and accept this statement for myself?"
"Go now and ask him anything you like."
"That's right, there is no other excuse; only I must ask."
Then Imam Sadiq (pbuh) told him about his journey and of the things that had happened to him on his way, which only the man could know of. When he had explained so that no doubt remained for him, the man declared his belief in the Imam.

Source: the roots of religion-Dar rah-e haq –p.171-172

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