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Fourth Argument: Revelation of Verse on Stoning to Death and Equal Retaliation

ghadir khum

Some Sunni scholars say the reason behind the revelation of the Verse of Proclamation is: God commanded His Messenger to announce whatever sent upon him on stoning to death and equal retaliation. Since the Jews wanted to be exempted from the rules on stoning to death and equal retaliation mentioned in the Old Testament, they sent someone to the Prophet (PBUH) to ask his opinion about these two rules. Gabriel appeared to the Prophet (PBUH) and brought God’s rule on these issues.[1]

They say verses 41-43, brought before this verse in Maidah Chapter, are solid evidences for this claim.


First, this argument is without historical evidence and is in contrast with the narrations of all companions of the Prophet (PBUH).

Second, the text of theses verses suffice to reject their reasoning because the Jews had been weakened at the time this verse was revealed in the final days of the prophetic mission, so they had no danger for the Prophet (PBUH).

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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